Chennai Therapeutic Massage is a pioneer personal care service from Agham, a turn key initiative by a first gen-entrepreneur. Since its inception early in 2009, it has grown with our strong belief in taking services it to the customer. Our customer focused strategy has helped us to stand apart from the rest in affordability, technology embraced approach, benchmark in professionalism and self competent customer service.



Chennai Therapeutic Massage is a professional ayurvedic therapeutic provider in Chennai, Tamilnadu (India). We provide best in class ayurvedic soft massage services to our customers. Our therapies helps to ease yourselves from physical or mental stress, sprains, joint ache, preventive care, keep your limbs flexible and active. The services enables you to be rejuvenated from stress and strain of today’s workd.



Gone are the days to drive through the busy roads, hover around the crowded parking in search of a parking slot, wait for hours together to finally get your pseudo relaxing massage therapies. The relaxation that you’ve believed to have benefited from your therapy is no where by the moment you reach hack home.

So, we have the right option for you. All that you need to do is call us up for your appointment, The will render the therapies at the safety and comfort of your home / guest house / even at hotels anywhere across Chennai and its suburbs. Additionally, our well equipped therapists ensure best in class customer satisfaction and utmost professional care.