Head n Hair:

The Head n Hair package rendered by use of mild non aromatic herbal oil helps to relieve the accumulated stress at the skull region. This service is best suited for working processionals (all streams), homemakers, users with chronic head ache, migraine, hair fall, hair follicle split, dandruff, lice and other hair related challenges.


Neck n Shoulder:

The Neck n Shoulder package addresses the complications around the top spine, collar bone and pectoral girdle. This service is best suited for while collared professionals with prolonged exposure to seated posture, chronic neck pain, shoulder joint ache, etc.


Hip n Spine:

The Hip n Spine package addresses the entire length of your spine, hip bone and pelvic girdle area. This package is best suited for both working professionals prolonged working hours in seated position, sports personals and homemakers. It eases the stress around the spine and hip bone to relieve you from the most common pain areas in all walks of life. (Not recommended for users with slip disc)


Full Body (Premium):

The full body package is our premium and most sought after service offering. It addresses all the pressure points in your body to relax, rejuvenate and relieve you from the routine aches. This package is suited for all users regardless of their work stream and age.